The OVMI project uses several facilities and equipement to manufacture, characterize and measure the performance of prototypes. Facilities are located between Lille and Valenciennes:

  • Fabrication of the prototype is in the clean room of the IEMN in Villeneuve d’Ascq
  • Aerodynamic characterization are made at the ONERA in Lille in vacuum chamber, see below.
  • Prototype’s assembly and energetic characterization are done at the IEMN in Valenciennes.

Several equipment are available in those facilities.

Displacement instrumentation

To precisely characterize the wing actuation and deformation, available equipements are:
  • a laser displacement sensor, used for the energetic characterization
  • a high speed camera coupled to a motion tracking software to evaluate the wing deformation both for the energetic and aerodynamic characterization
  • vibrometer to characterize the Young modulus and damping coefficients in the aerodynamic characterization.
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Force and lift measurement

To evaluate various performance items of our prototype, it is essential to measure various forces. To characterize the EPA actuator for example, a FemtoTools microsensor is used given its high accuracy and sensitivity enabling a precise characterization of the actuator efficiency.

The lift created by the prototypes and its weight are necessary to quantify its performance. In this aim two equipment are used. A microbalance Mettler Toledo, see below on the left, is used at the IEMN to follow the weight of our prototype all along the assembly process. A home-made force balance, see below on the right, is available at Onera to measure the lift force created by our prototype while tracking simultaneously the wing deformation for a better insight in the aeroelastic performance.

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Flow visualization

To investigate the aerodynamic phenomena occuring on the OVMI wing, a specific test bench is also available at Onera using laser smoke visualization.

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