Research Area

Prototype presents an important flexion angle about 70° and an intertesting passive twisting motion which still not optimal. Consequently the kinematics of the wings needs to be optimized. To achieve this challenge three investigation way are followed:

  • Integration of ElectroActive Polymer

    The performance of Electroactive polymers (EAPs) are very interesting for this application regards to the wide range of smooth motion they could realize. Still different challenges are inherent to their integration in MEMS fabrication process.
  • Structure & material enhancement

    The structure of the FWNAV represent an important field of improvement, mostly because it insures the motion transmission between the actuator and the wings. The wings and structure material is very decisive parameters in insect flight. So the material used has to be as similar as possible from insect one.
  • Two different concepts of the joint zone: a) Point curve joint b) Compliant link

  • Aeroelastic simulation

    These simulations will allow a rapid optimization of the wing structure. The wing structure has a paramount importance in the passive twisting motion and the transformation of the mechanical energy into aerodynamic forces.